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Surya 41st Birthday Celebration 2016

Surya Birthday Celebration 2016, Suriya 41st Birthday Celebration, 23-7-2016 Surya Birthday Celebration, Film Actor Surya Birthday Celebration Special Program 2016, Surya 41st Birthday Events 2016, Surya Birthday Speech 2016

Actor Surya 41 Birthday Celebration With Jyothika,Sivakumar, Karthi, Dev & Diya on 23-7-2016, Tamil TV Channels Telecast Some Special Programs, Interview, Movies For Surya Birthday 2016 on Saturday 23-7-2016.

23-7-2016 Actor Surya Birthday Celebration Special Program Telecast TV Channels, Actor Surya How to Celebrate 41st Birthday, Surya 41st Birthday Celebration Events, How to Wish Actor Surya Birthday 2016, Zee Telugu Surya Birthday Special Movie Sikander Sunday 6PM, Actor Surya Birthday 2016 Special Program in Sun TV, Zee Telugu, Vijay TV, Sun Music, KTV.

Thanthi TV Channel Most Expecting Actor Surya 41st Birthday 2016 Celebration Special Program, Surya Fans Celebrate Surya Birthday 2016, Tamil Film Actor and Actress Wish to Happy Birthday Surya 2016 and Some Live Interview Surya Birthday Telecast. Jyothika, Sivakumar, Karthi Gives Gift For Surya Birthday 2016.

Tamil Film Actor 41st Birthday Celebration 2016 Big Events, Function, Programs Contacting Suriya Fans.July-23-2016 Indian Film Actor Surya Celebrate Big Events With Surya Family, Friends, Fans on Satuday 23-7-2016 41st Birthday Celebration Surya Fans Wish To Happy Birthday Surya 41 in Online, Mobile, TV Channels Programs.

Saravanan Sivakumar all are Know Actor Suriya is an Indian film actor, producer and television presenter in Most Like WOrk as Tamil Cinema.Tamil Film Industries one of the Most Leading Actor Surya Celebrate Saturday July-23-2016 Enter 42 Age and Big Events Celebrate 42 Birthday Celebration.

Actor Surya Family Members Big Celebrate on Saravanan Sivakumar 41st Birthday and Tamil Film Industries Big Celebration Actor Surya/Suriya 2016 Birthday on Today July-23-2016 Saturday.Surya Fans Most Expecting From Surya How to Celebrate 41st Birthday.

Tamil TV Channels Telecast on Surya 41st Birthday Sepcial Movies, Programs, Interviews on Very Special Surya 2016 Birthday on 23-7-2016, Sun TV Telecast Surya 41st Birthday Special Movie Singam. Most Expecting Other Tamil TV Channels Jaya TV, KTV, Vijay TV, Zee Tamil TV Channels Telecast Actor Surya 41st Birthday 2016 Speial Program on Coming Saturday and Sunday.

Simbu Upcoming Movies 2016-2017

Sun News TV Channel Telecast Surya 41st Birthday Celebration Special Program. Surya Fans Wish to Happy Birthday Surya in Sun Music TV Channels and Sun News Telecast Actor Surya Movie Super Hit Songs on 23-7-2016.

Name – Suriya/Surya

Occupation – Film actor, Producer, Television Host

Actor Surya Real Name – Saravanan

Film Actor Suriya Birthday Date – July-23-1975

Surya Age 2016 – 41

Actor Suriya Wife Name – Jyothika (Film Actress)

Father Name – Sivakumar (Film Actor)

Brother – Karthi (Film Actor)

Actor Surya Mother Name – Lakshmi

Film Actor Surya Childrens Name – Daughter Diya, Son Dev

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