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Aadi perukku (Aadi 18) Celebration 2016 in Kaveri (Cauvery) River

Aadi perukku 2016 Celebration in Kaveri (Cauvery) River, Aadi 18 Festival Celebration on Trichy Kaveri (Cauvery) River 2-8-2016, Cauvery River Aadi 18 (Aadi perukku) Celebration on August-2-2016, Aadiperukku (Pathinettam perukku) Festival 2016 in Kaveri (Cauvery), How to Celebrate Aadi 18,

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Kaveri (Cauvery) River Aadi 18 (Adiperukku) Festival Celebration on 2-8-2016, How to Celebrate Kaveri (Cauvery) River Aadi 18 (Adiperukku) Festival, When Kaveri (Cauvery) River Aadi 18 (Adiperukku) 2016 Date and Time, Tamil News TV hannels Live Telecast on August-2-2016 Adiperukku 2016/Aadi 18/ Pathinettam perukku 2016 Festival Celebration Live News on Thanthi TV, Sun News TV, News7 Tamil, Captain TV, Jaya TV, Vasanth TV, Mega TV, Polimer News, Trichy Local TV Channels Live Streaming From Kaveri (Cauvery) River Aadi perukku/Pathinettam perukku/Aadi 18 Celebration Live on August-2-2016.

Guru Peyarchi Pariharam Temples

Aadi 18 Festival Celebration is on one of the Hindu Tamil festival.18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi Celebration for this Festival. Trichy Cauvery River Festival Celebration is Very Famous for this Month of Tamil Aadi 2016.Kaveri (Cauvery) River is among the most sacred rivers of India and though to be the Dakshina Ganga or Ganga of Tamilnadu South India. This is the Most Important Festival for Cauvery River People Big Celebration for this Festival. Srirangam, Grand Anicut, Thiruvaiyaru, Kumbakoam, Mailaduthurai and Poombukar all Areas Celebration Festival for this Day of Aadi 18.The Aadi Amavasai day is special day to offer some rituals and Tharpanam to the forefathers. 

Aadi Amavasai 2016 Celebration is al so very famous festival for Cauvery River. Cauvery in Srirangam is very broad and the river is one kilometre across. Amma mandapam  Ghat is very important in Trichy near Srirangam. Many ceremonies and rituals take place. Pachai amman (or) Kanni amman appeared in many local spots which exhibited holy centers by inherent energy presence and influence of over that localities. Adiperukku is a unique South Indian and specially a Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi 18 Celebration on 2016 August 2nd,Kaveri (Cauvery) River basin districts of Tanjore and Trichi when the water level in the river rises significantly.

Young couples offered their marriage garlands to the running waters, as a mark of thanksgiving to the river, and seeking blessings for prosperity and happiness. Aadi 18 (Cauvery River Festival) Celebration All New Couples and Trichy Peoples join for this Day on Cauvery River. India the rivers Ganges and Yamuna, Cauvery and Godavari are considered sacred. Just like the earth gives us food, water is considered as a sacred necessity to meet the needs of individuals.

Aadi Perukku 2016 Celebration:

People began to worship water in the form of wells, tanks and rivers. It is common among people to throw fruits, saffron cloths. When the rivers and lakes are in spate purely based on the belief that these rivers are the species of female deities. Similarly every temple has sacred wells and tanks, and water in these resources are considered pure.

Aadi Amavasai 2016 Date

There are cultural developments of the society that highlight many variations on the theme of primeval water which shows that water culture and civilization represent human interest with sacredness. Adiperukku, otherwise called Padinettam perukku is peculiar to the all the perennial river basins of Tamil Nadu and major lakes water source areas and is intended to celebrate the water rising levels due to the onset of monsoon, which is expected to occur invariably on the 18th day of the solar month, Aadi corresponding to the 2 August 2016 for this year 2016.

This water ritual practice is performed on the banks of Rivers, which is described as a rice-cultivation tract. The history of this ritual practice dates back to the ancient period and was patronized by the Kings and royal households. This ritual practice existed in various historical periods. Aadi is the month for sowing, rooting, planting of seeds and vegetation since it is peak monsoon time when rain is showered in abundance.

Festival Name – Aadi 18/ Adiperukku/ Padinettam perukku

Place – Srirangam, Grand Anicut, Thiruvaiyaru, Kumbakoam, Mailaduthurai and Poombukar

Date – 2-8-2016 (August-2-2016)

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